Gravel Bikes

What is a gravel bike?

So many things. A gravel bike is a beautiful and weird hybrid of road bike, adventure bike, and cyclocross bike with just a hint of mountain bike thrown in.

Whereas a cyclocross bike will have a shorter wheelbase for manoeuvrability on slow moving, technical cross courses, gravel bikes feature a slightly longer wheelbase for excellent stability at speed on the road or on gravel.

Gravel bike vs road bike. What’s the deal?

The single biggest difference between a gravel bike and a road bike is tire clearance—gravel bikes feature tons of clearance for wide, grippy tires. Gravel bikes will also feature multiple contact points for bike bags, racks, or fenders. You’ll get a lot of the benefits of a road bike, for sure—efficiency on climbs and flats, excellent stability at speed, and good handling manners. 

But you also get a tougher overall package able to handle a huge range of terrain. Many gravel bikes will also be 650b wheelset compatible—a good upgrade for anyone looking to tackle especially rough or difficult gravel roads or terrain.